A couple of months ago I outlined a hypothetical wardrobe where I slimmed down my closet to the absolute bare essentials. That thought experiment is now firmly planted in reality as the sun sets on the first day of the year I will spend in these clothes. Some of the original pieces that I chose have become part of my challenge, others have changed due to availability, and some have been added due to interesting circumstance.

I’ve received almost everything I’ll need to get me through the year, however there are still a few surprises on the way from a couple of truly awesome brands. All I’ll say is I hope it doesn’t rain before they arrive.

I’ve come up with a few rules for my challenge to help me stay on track throughout the year:

  1. Unless it will endanger my safety (ie. scuba diving/climbing everest) or result in guaranteed destruction of my clothes (ie. painting/climbing everest) I will wear only the clothes outlined as part of my 1 Year, 1 Outfit challenge.

  2. Other than socks and underwear (clearly due to sanitary reasons), I have no multiples of the rest of the clothes in my wardrobe. Note that this may result in accelerated wear and tear as this is beyond the norm of what most clothes are designed for.

  3. If, due to No. 2, my clothes wear out before the completion of my challenge I will attempt, to the best of my abilities (or my tailor’s abilities,) to fix or mend my items to make them last for the remainder of time.

  4. As I’ve completely fabricated these rules, I also reserve the right to break them. Namely, I plan on adding a couple of other items to my wardrobe list to suit weather and situations. (Essentially I’ll need a toque, scarf, and gloves for when winter hits and maybe a pair of flip-flops for the beach).

Note: I am currently on parental leave from my job. If I’m required to return to work before the completion of my one year challenge I will be required to wear certain items in accordance with Rule No. 1. As such, I will continue to wear my 1 Outfit during any period of time outside of work requirements.

Viberg Strike Mvmnt Gold Hollows Leather Belt Apolis Chore Outlier pullWoolFrom head-to-toe, here’s a breakdown of what I’ll be wearing:

Not Pictured, but added shortly after as part of my Wet Weather Booster Pack

Made in North America

Other than my runners (which are designed in Vancouver, but made in China) and my sweatshirt (made in Japan, unfortunately I don’t believe there are any loopwheel knit machines left here) everything has been made right here in North America. While you can certainly find excellent products coming out of the likes of the UK, Italy, Germany and others I wanted to keep this challenge as close to home as possible. My 1 Outfit represents a curation of some of the best products available in each of their categories while still maintaining and supporting the local economy.

WWYW? (what would you wear?)

I’d love to hear your picks on what you would wear for an entire year to suit your climate and social situations so feel free to leave a comment below. You can also hit me up on Twitter, join the discussion on Facebook or follow along on the new This Stylish Life Instagram.

In the interest of full disclosure, a number of these items were either fully provided or discounted for my testing and use throughout the year. Nevertheless, I will strive to provide accurate and honest reviews of all of the products tested on my site.

1 Year 1 Outfit Updates:

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