It’s getting dangerously close to the end of Month 4, so I figured I better get this post out before October hits.

I spent almost every weekend in August camping or enjoying the outdoors in one way or another. Having a minimalist wardrobe opens your eyes to what you can actually do in your clothes. Under normal circumstances I would never sit around a campfire in $700 boots, but when they are the only boots you have then it changes your perspective.

But really, what are well-made, resoleable, sturdy leather boots for if not to be worn. Besides, it is in the wearing of our clothes that they gain character, patina.

Wool in the wild


The rest of my wardrobe handled the great outdoors as easily as they did the city. One of the things I designed my wardrobe for was to keep me comfortable, warm, and dry in a variety of climates. I wear merino wool as a base-layer for any outdoor activity from skiing to multi-day hikes so the Outlier tees transition perfectly to the wilderness.

The adventurer’s new pants

Apolis Outlier Viberg

The Outlier 60/30s also work like magic as an outdoor pant. One of the original all-weather mountaineering fabrics was a 60/40 cloth composed of cotton and nylon. Although Outlier Chino’s look all business, they are built out of an updated, new-and-improved, rework of that original classic cloth.

While I probably wouldn’t purchase these solely as a backpacking pant, the 60/30 Chinos work great on hikes, offering a full range of motion, good breathability, and impressive water repellency.

Wearing other clothes

Summer Wedding Kamakura Allen EdmondsI briefly stepped out of my 1 Outfit (gasp) to be a groomsman in a friend’s wedding. In order to match the rest of the wedding party I slipped out of my daily wardrobe for a few hours. I’ve got to say it felt kind of nice to have a little variation in my life, although I stayed partially true as I wore a tan pair of Outlier’s pants.

One thing I have found I am learning about through this experiment is the reasons behind why we wear clothes (other than the obvious). So this was a good lesson in that social situations can often directly dictate the wardrobe choices we make.


Arrow Mocs

I made a couple of additions to my closet for the start of September by adding a pair of Arrow Moccasin slippers and some Wings + Horns sweatpants to wear around the house. I’m pretty certain that I’ve stuck to my initial goals as I won’t be wearing any of this out of the house, but it sure makes getting up to pee in the middle of the night a little cozier.

Waiting for the fall

Viberg coffee

If there is one sentiment I had after this summer it is that I am anxious and ready for the turn of the seasons. As much as I enjoy the warmth of summer there is something special about the crispness of fall air.

I am thoroughly looking forward to being able to wear a few more layers and am excited to make use of my Apolis Chore and American Trench. Bring on the rain!

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