The four month mark of wearing the same clothes everyday has come and gone and I’ve got to say I’ve finally started to grow a little weary of my limited wardrobe. The desire for denim is strong.

It has finally started to sink in just how crazy this challenge has ended up being. To compare I took a look at another minimalist wardrobe experiment, Project 333, which dictates that one can have 33 items of clothing, accessories, jewelry, and outerwear for 3 months at a time. This would allow me to more than triple my clothes (each season!) and it doesn’t include workout gear and lounge wear!

I am not exactly certain what I thought would happen when I started down this path, but I have come to the realization that a year is a really long time to be in the same pair of pants.

I have already started planning and dreaming about the clothes I’m going to wear come June 2015. I know that I won’t be going back to my old ways of a maximalist(?) wardrobe, but I am looking forward to having a few more options in my everyday life.

Things and stuff

One thing that has come out of this is the awareness I have gained with where I want to go with my closet. I spend a lot less time shopping for clothing and checking for sales and this year has given me the opportunity to sit back and say I wish I had this thing or that thing. In doing this I’ve realized I really don’t miss a whole lot of my clothes.

However, there are two items that I have missed over the past few months. One is my Roots weekend bag that I left at home when we moved to our cabin in the woods. I didn’t think it would get much use, but there has been more than a few occasions where it would have come in handy. The other thing I’ve missed is wearing jeans.

For the love of jean

I am certain that wearing denim for this year long challenge would have been much less comfortable and they would have proved to be far less utilitarian than my Outlier Chinos as far as having the ability to blend in with business casual and still repel water on a muddy hiking trail. However, if I could do it all over again I’m not convinced I wouldn’t choose a pair of crisp raw jawns.

There is something about the ubiquity of denim, where almost everywhere you look (at least in North America) you will see people wearing various shades of indigo pants. There is also the allure of breaking them in, fading them, and making them your own. My Apolis Chore jacket is doing a good job at satisfying some of this need, but I’ve never spent so much of my free time looking at pictures of other people’s faded pants as I have recently.

Minor repairs

Outlier Merino Co/Pivot Shirt

Considering the wear I have been putting on these clothes I have had very few issues so far. If you figure you wear a pair of pants even two times per week that works out to 104 wears, I have already put over 120 wears on my pants and boots and this is closely followed by my shirts.

This month is the first time I have had to do any repairs whatsoever to my clothes. For one I popped a button on my Apolis Chore (luckily I didn’t lose that beautiful piece of buffalo horn), which was almost entirely due to the waist strap of my Ergo Baby carrier catching on it more than a few times.

The other repair was on the inside edge of the pocket on my Outlier Merino/Co Pivot shirt. I had been storing my sunglasses with the arm folded over the pocket and due to the extra flap that hides the opening I missed that the hinge was fraying away my shirt. By the time I noticed it I was pretty worried that it was irreparable or at least would look hideous once fixed, but my tailor was able to tuck all the loose threads back in and put in a new stitch. It is now barely noticeable and is still completely hidden by the upper flap.

Enjoying the Fall

The cooler weather has opened up all sorts of new wardrobe possibilities. I’m no longer just stuck warm weather black tee mode with the occasional button-down day. I now have a plethora of new layers and combinations: grey sweatshirt, wool jacket, grey sweat and wool jacket together, and sometimes even my American Trench coat. It is interesting that when living with less you get pretty excited about having even just a little bit more.American Trench Ventile Raincoat Outlier Viberg

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