With both of us back to work and a toddler keeping us company once we’re home I seem to have less free time to keep up with other responsibilities of late. I’ve been writing my thoughts down the old fashioned way and I’ll try to get caught up over the next few weeks.

The Game of Life

I’ve continued with wearing my 1 Outfit throughout and have had some interesting experiences along the way. I certainly chose an interesting year to wear one set of clothes as this has quite possibly been one of the busiest and most fluid years of my life. We’ve lived in 3 different houses, spent half the year on each coast of the country, visited 5 different countries, experienced a change of over 70°F in the same day by flying from summer to winter, and the biggest change of all was adding a little person to our lives.

I have put these clothes through their paces and they have done their job of keeping me comfortable and looking good. I actually fully expected to run into more seam-bursting, hole-patching, stain-removing drama that would have made for good stories, but other than some minor repairs in Month 4 things have been pretty tame (knock on wood).

Strike Gold Sweatshirt 1 Year 1 OutfitHalf way to being all the way

Looking at it from the half-way point you realize just how long a year really is and how much can change over that period of time. Even looking back to when I started this project in June, 2014 I feel like I now have different likes and dislikes, hobbies, and priorities. With all the change I’ve experienced I feel a little bit like I’m wearing a time capsule as no matter what activity or environment I’m in my clothes remain a constant.

I’m sure most people spend a lot less time thinking about their clothes than I do. There’s probably plenty of people who haven’t updated their closets for the past five years (or maybe the past twenty-five) and there’s really nothing wrong with that. Living with only the clothes on my back has allowed me to look at clothing objectively, there’s nothing that I need or gaps in my wardrobe that must to be filled.

I have done some planning toward what I want to wear when this is all wrapped up, but I’ve been able to think about and consider things. In making it this far with just one pair of pants I know for certain that I do not need to buy anything and that any purchases I do make can be based out of an aesthetic want rather than a false need.

Chromexcel HorweenQuestions or Thoughts?

I’m keeping this one short just to try and get back on the horse. I’m not sure how many of you readers have stuck around, but if there are any questions you have for me I am happy to put together a Q&A post. You can post them in the comments below or send me an email.

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