These pictures were taken after 100 consecutive wears on my Brown Chromexcel Viberg Service Boots. It shows a pretty amazing contrast from how they looked brand new. I really like how the pull up color matches the contrasting natural midsole, it makes for some creamy patina goodness.

As far as my care routine I buff them almost daily with a good quality shoe brush and have applied Venetian Shoe Cream twice. They are probably due for another application of VSC any day now, especially with the amount of rain we have been having. I also put cedar shoe trees in anytime I am not wearing them, though I just leave the heel sticking up out of the boot and never insert them fully as I do not want to mess with the unstructured toe.

It is typically not recommended to wear the same pair of shoes everyday so that they have chance to dry out between wears, however I take my boots off whenever I’m at home so I feel like they get plenty of time to rest.

The boots are incredibly comfortable and tough as nails, I walk around 5kms a day in these and the Dainite soles and heels are barely showing any wear. I’m confident my Vibergs are just going to get better and better as the year goes on.

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