There’s plenty of information about shopping in the major urban centres and there’s also plenty of selection. I often find myself visiting the less visited, so I thought I would write a few guides for the cities not neccessarily known for their shopping.

Winnipeg, the heart of the continent and the home of one of my favourite bands, The Weakerthans. While the city can be bleak in the winter it does have some great redeeming qualities. If it’s your first time in the city it is worth checking out the Forks Market and the newly constructed Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

If you happen to find yourself shopping for clothes in Winnipeg here are a few of the city’s best men’s (and women’s) clothing shops:

Normandy Shoppe

Normandy Shoppe Winnipeg

Normandy is a relatively new store to Winnipeg being only two years young. The shop itself has a great rustic look with exposed brick, rough wood, and a vintage cafe racer that all fits well with the goods they carry.

The store fills some major gaps in the city’s product offerings by carrying some really great brands that previously could only be found on the internet, these include: 3Sixteen, Apolis, Norse Projects, Gitman Vintage, Filson, Tellason, and Red Wing Boots.

If Americana/Work-Wear is your thing this should be your first stop, but even if not 3Sixteen puts out some really great denim (I’m in love with the fabric on my SL-120x’s) and Norse Projects takes design cues from a more minimalistic streetwear perspective.

Speaking with the owner you can tell he is extremely passionate about clothes and his store; even though I didn’t purchase anything on my visit I’m certain you would receive excellent customer service.


Danali Clothing Winnipeg

Danali is a bigger boutique that carries both men’s and women’s clothing. Stand out brands for me include Naked and Famous and Nudie, which both offer quality raw denim at decent prices (here’s my review and pics of my Naked & Famous Weird Guys).

While personally I’m not a huge fan of their other men’s brands (nor too well acquainted with them), they do carry John Varvatos, Ted Baker, and Scotch & Soda among others. On the ladies side they do bring in some great dresses and tops from Theory, Vince, and James Perse if they’re your thing.

Every time I’ve visited the staff has been friendly and helpful. They are happy to help pick out pieces to try on and don’t ever come across as pretentious or pushy. If they don’t have your size or a specific product you are looking for from one of their lines they may even be able to order it in for you.

Village Streetwear

Canada Goose

This store has a decent selection of men’s and women’s Canada Goose jackets and if you’re planning on spending any time in Winnipeg during the winter then you might need one. They also carry Unbranded denim (Naked and Famous’ entry level raw denim line). Their other menswear isn’t anything that excites me, but they do carry some colourful women’s clothing.

Luxe Label

Luxe Label Winnipeg

This one is for the ladies only. It is located across the street from Village Streetwear and is worth checking out for their selection of denim, tops, and dresses. They carry stuff from Rebecca Taylor, James Perse, Equipment, and Splendid. I’ve got a pretty limited knowledge of women’s fashion, but my better half always appreciates a stop in at this store.

Formal Wear: Vittorio Rossi and Hanford Drewitt

Hanford Drewitt

I don’t have a lot of need for formal wear in my wardrobe at this time so I only have a passing knowledge of these shops. But, if you’re in search of a suit or shoes then these guys are probably a good start. Vittorio carries Allen Edmonds, which are a good gateway into better quality dress shoes and Hanford stocks Samuelsohn suits and blazers.

Best Barbershop in Winnipeg: Hunter & Gunn

Hunter & Gunn Barbershop

Aside from shopping for clothes I often find myself getting a haircut when I’m visiting a city. My favourite place to go in Winnipeg is Hunter & Gunn. They’ve got a super easy to use online booking system and they do a great haircut.

The shop is a very cool space and their cuts are on trend. They also do hot shaves and carry Imperial Barber products so you can stock up on pomade when you swing by.

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